Bid Board and FCFS

At each sale we will hand select 20-25 elite hogs that are offered on a bid board format, after the bid board we then sell pigs on a FCFS format

How much do your pigs cost?

Bid board the pricing is based on bids, starting at anywhere from $400.00.

FCFS format from $350.00 to $650.00 depending on quality.  On sale days all pigs will be marked with a corresponding color which indicates the price.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash, check, venmo, paypal, or credit card (added fee to amt).

What shows do you cover?

We have litters of pigs being born year round with our main focus covering fair season.  We will have show pigs bred for January to the first of April shows in Florida.  We also have several litters of yorks bred for the summer shows being born December/January.

What is your sale format?

Bid board then on farm F.C.F.S. (first come first serve) format on sale dates.  

Is there a warranty or guarantee?

With livestock there is no guarantee, we cannot guarantee if your pig was housed properly, cared for properly, and when sick was the animal taken care of.  

Are your pigs vaccinated?

 All baby pigs and sows are vaccinated for Flue, PRRS, Circo, E-coli, and other strains using Stoney Creeks Vaccination protocol.    

What type of pigs do you sell?

We have blue butt pigs which is due to using yorkshire sows bred to black exotic cross bred pigs.  We also have belted cross bred pigs which are usually a first or second cross sow bred to a black exotic boar.  Pure bred yorkshire and pure bred duroc pigs are also available.